Ten Ways To Show Your Brand A Little More Love

13 Feb 2015

Isn’t it time you showed your brand a little more love?

A strong brand equity is at the heart of your brand’s success.  We’ve been having a think about the ten top factors behind the most successful brands

  1. Know what really makes your consumers “tick”.
  2. Aim to truly own a need or a moment in your consumers’ lives.
  3. Identify the attributes, functional benefits & emotional benefits that make your product experience irreplaceable.
  4. Make sure you have (and maintain) a sustainable differential advantage.
  5. Ensure that you know what your values are – and put them at the heart of everything you do
  6. Make sure your brand’s semiotics & storytelling are in alignment – and do everything you can to get them working synergistically
  7. Communicate your brand’s values compellingly in advertising, social media – and at every consumer touchpoint regardless of how trivial
  8. Give great service at every contact point, be intuitive – and maintain agile, two-way dialogue with loyalists and detractors alike
  9. Grow you brand with an intelligent-platform strategy – one that adds to your sustainable differential advantage, rather than fragments it!
  10. Never stop doing those things that inspire passion and loyalty in your consumers.

If you are already doing all these things brilliantly – you are working on an incredibly rare brand!

If you feel you’ve got a little room to polish up your brand’s positioning; sharpen up its communications strategy; or stretch its equity into fresh new territories … we’ve got the team, the skills & the tools to help make your brand shine.

Written by  David Goudge