Dove’s Men + Care: A Brand Stretch Too Far?

Dove’s Men + Care:  A Brand Stretch Too Far?

Dove Men[1]After what we have to assume have been successful introductions in the USA, France and Italy, it's interesting to see that Unilever are extending the Dove brand to mature men in the UK.

It's easy to see Unilever's logic. they have huge competence in personal care products.  They have the very successful Lynx and Axe brands, but they are so specifically targeted at young males … and they have the Dove brand.  So why not?

But how do you position your proposition against mature males.

The hugely successful Campaign For Real Beauty was going to be an incredibly difficult act to follow.  Whilst no UK or US campaign seems to have been revealed, a bit of judicious sleuthing has uncovered both French and Dutch language adverts based on the "Tough Questions: What Does Comfort Mean to Men" theme.

Time will tell.  "Comfort" seems relevant enough, it even hearkens back to the original Dove proposition of "Doesn't dry your skin", but does it have the cut through of "Real Beauty"?  Maybe not, but we have to wish them well … for a very audacious piece of brand stretch.