Building Brand Extensions Through Facebook

Building Brand Extensions Through Facebook

Advertising age reports that the Coca-Cola Facebook fanbase is now a bigger web presence than its own website.  It's not alone, there are eleven others – including Skittles, Starburst and Starbucks in exactly the same position.

Advertising Age's question is how to brands handle the loss of control?  I think there is a bigger one for innovators - how can we leverage all these positive relationships when we have a new brand extension that we want to introduce?

Not a simple challenge, but a nice one to explore!

We obviously need to consider the role of the extension – is it to better meet the needs of our existing users – or bring new people in?  If it is the former, then Facebook is obviously a powerful potential tool for establishing dialogue.

The pressure is on us as innovators, to make sure we have a fully rounded brand proposition and story to tell right from the outset.