The Power Of Storytelling

The Power Of Storytelling

We have already been huge believers in the power of storytelling.  

TomorrowProject_new2 However, up until now I have always tended to think of it as a powerful way of wrapping up a brand's core truths, benefits and reasons-to-believe as a compelling and easily memorable bundle for communication to consumers …

Not any more.   

After reading an inspiring article in Businessweek about Intel's Tomorrow Project, I can see that storytelling is an unbelievably powerful tool for inspiring engineers, marketers, in fact anyone tasked with shaping your brand's future, to think more adventurously.

Someone told me years ago that Star Trek has been one of the most biggest influences on product design in the last 50 years … well now Intel are deliberately harnessing the imagination of four professional sci-fi writers to accelerate their engineers' imaginations to warp speed!

We have integrated a projective module based on consumer trends into our future facing workshops for a long time.  I can easily imagine us enhancing and really pushing our delegates' imaginations based on this sci-fi storytelling.