Harnessing Superb Service

Harnessing Superb Service

When you are a marketer of intangible products – service is you most important value lever.  Joe Pine has been talking about the experience economy for decades – and it seems that the world is waking up to his wisdom at long last.  

We undertook a service improvement project for a high-profile UK financial-sector client last year – and quickly recognised the value of analogy as a way of getting the already good to raise their game to great.

Three shining examples kept on coming up: American Express, Four Seasons & Virgin-Atlantic.  We used them in lots of workshops with lots of staff to inspire and generate great ideas.

Geoff Colvin's leadership interview with Amex's exec VP of world service Jim Bush provides yet more valuable insights.

If you want to explore how we could help you up your service-game – we'd love to show you how.