Why Empathy is better than Insight for Innovators

Why Empathy is better than Insight for Innovators

How do the the people we respect a visionary entrepreneurs do it?

We recognise they have many skills, but we cant help feeling that Empathy is one of the keys.  

Empathy: that deep, almost emotional understanding of how your target consumers live their lives, what they value … and the compromises they are being forced to make.

This empathetic understanding … combined with a bit of imagination and entrepreneurial arrogance that they understand what their consumers need (often even better than that do) … seems to be why entrepreneurs often spot the breakthrough ideas long before their better funded and better resourced competitors.

We've developed consumer-connect processes that combine ethnography, psychology to give our client's insights and empathetic-edge and workshop-models that harness creative "entrepreneurship" to generate breakthrough ideas.

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