Twelve Trends To Inspire You

21 Jan 2014


Consumer trends are worthless … unless you’ve got a clear plan for how you are going to use them!  Once you start looking at them as a creative resource … they become an incredibly powerful tool

We’re conscious there are more trend forecasts around than ever this year … so we’ve cherry-picked what we think are likely to be the 12 most useful.  Why not take a moment to get to know them – and see if they might be useful to insire your 2014 strategy planning or pipeline filling.

To make it even more action oriented, we’ve  structured one, two and three-day creative workshops to help you squeeze maximum value from them (or your own trend-bank for that matter) …

  • One-day: creative exploration of potential trend impacts.
  • Two-day: in-depth exploration & ideation
  • Three-day: exploration, ideation and consumer co creation/incubation

If you’d like to explore how you could unlock the creative power of trends … why not give us a call?


Written by  David Goudge