Twelve Trends: Retail Theatre

3 Feb 2014

Online retailing is such a rich, multi-sensory experience that off-line retailers are having to work hard to compete.

We’re starting to see more and more personal and leisurable experience when shopping in the high street and mall.  There are waiter-service restaurants in M&S, a nail bar in Oxford Circus’s Topshop, a Starbucks in Newlook, a cocktail bar in the Brooklyn Urban Outfitters, even a real theatre in the Shanghai Under Armour store … richer, more personal shopping experiences almost everywhere you go … obviously, not forgetting the Apple store where you can literally try before you buy.

Retailers are desperate for consumers to spend more time in their stores, so  creating a more enjoyable atmosphere is a no brainer.  It encourages customer satisfaction and repeat purchasing whilst co-creating value.

It will be interesting to see what techniques they come up with next. Have you experienced any great retail atmospheres recently? We would love to hear about them…

Written by  David Goudge