App-enabled parenting

3 Mar 2014

Since the beginning of time parents have desired the virtuous combination of education and entertainment. VTech and Leapfrog led the charge in combining these two needs in one piece of technology. Now there are hundreds of easily available apps on your phone or tablet.

Parents are quickly catching on to the idea of educational apps. They are beneficial not only for children but also busy parents. A particular favourite of ours is Squeebles, an app designed to help children learn their times tables whilst having fun.

There is a massive opportunity for creating new innovative apps in this ever-growing sector especially as education is such a hot topic.

Parents want to educate; kids want to play games; so by having educational apps it meets the children’s and parents needs. Happy kids get more screen time. Relieved parents get peace and quiet – without the guilt. Everyone is a winner, especially the app developers!

Written by  David Goudge