Wearable Tech

13 Mar 2014


I hope everyone is ready for the massive surge of wearable tech that is coming soon. Here are some cool examples we have come across recently.

Google glass

In 5 different colours and 3 different styles they can translate your voice, answer questions, send messages, give you directions and allow you to share what you can see. Live!


OMsignal is the world’s first bio-sensing apparel. You are able to track daily health and wellness. It monitors heart rate, breathing and activity, all feeding back to the OMsignal app on your smart phone.

AIRO wristband

AIRO combines all your health goals together. It measures sleep quality, stress levels, nutrition and the number of calories you have burnt throughout the day.

Microsoft’s High-Tech Bra

One for the ladies: a high-tech bra with ‘just-in-time’ support for emotional eating. It measures your emotional state by your heart rate, skin temperature and stress levels then sends a warning to your phone that you may reach for a mountain of chocolate buttons any minute!


It almost seems too smart to be true. This is going to be the future of consumer electronics.

Written by  David Goudge