Getting it right for the ‘mature’ market

17 Oct 2016

A few days ago we shared some thoughts on how to communicate with an older audience. Our number one learning was no-one thinks of themselves as ‘old’. We have met many a seventy year old talking about ‘helping the ‘old’ lady up the road’. Brands hoping to resonate with this audience would do well to remember this. We’ve been keeping our eyes open and spotted a few examples of brands that really appear to be hitting the mark when it comes to targeting this demographic. Check out these examples and get inspired!

We love this Nike ad. Inspiring, yet down to earth, it tells a true story of Sister Madonna Buder. Her view that ‘you carry your attitude with you’ sums up so many of the consumers we have met on safari and during on-line forums.

Everyone would agree that Helen Mirren is the epitome of ageing with style and L’Oreal have shone a positive light on her poise and resilience.

‘Ready for more’ is the empowering slogan Boots use for their ‘Lift and Luminate’ advertising. Again this will resonate well with many consumers we have met during research.

The first step to building a bond with this demographic is fine-tuning your product concept and communication to resonate with their values. We’ve helped a number of clients meet this challenge.

If you would like to explore how to unlock this demographic’s potential for your brand give us a call!  01491 411272.

Written by  Joanna King