Five secrets of crafting winning innovation concepts

19 Oct 2016

When you use the right workshop techniques, tools and team, generating strong new product ideas isn’t a problem (at least not if you work with us!).  But evolving those ideas into winning concepts can be a real challenge.

We’ve identified five factors that seem to separate good concepts from winners …

Insights:  Make sure your insight really is an insight.  Too many are in fact just vague ‘observations’. Actionable insights contain both an element of ‘truth’ and a ‘disconnect’.  The insights in our concepts are crafted to maximise their relevance to your target consumer.

Benefits:  Great concepts tap into your consumers’ fundamental functional & emotional drivers.  The best offer rewards and deliver meaningful benefits both emotionally and functionally.  We craft concepts that unlock these differentiating benefits and maximise consumer desire.

Claims & RTBs:  Compelling claims and credible reasons-to-believe are the foundations of a great concept.  One of the secrets of a winner – is to be selective and make sure they are in 100% alignment with the insight and benefit.  Too few truly are!

Brevity and Visuality: 150 words is a good target – and pictures really do speak thousands of words.  Resist the urge to include every claim and every benefit in every concept.

Co-Creation:   Our secret weapon is co-creation.  By working with super-consumers we can fine-tune ideas, words and pictures to build your cool ideas into winning concepts!

  • Not only does co-creation make certain that your ‘good’ idea doesn’t get killed inadvertently by a sub-optimal word or image,
  • It creates an environment in which your target-consumers analyse and deconstruct your thinking – before creatively re-building and optimising it into a solution that perfectly matches their own personal needs.

Our planners, ideators and creatives have developed a powerful bank of Agile Concepting Tools that have already helped many clients turn good ideas into great concepts – and winning new product launches.

If you’d like to know more about our thinking on creating the perfect concept, or have a pressing concept creation challenge – why not get in touch to find out how we might help you turn your cool ideas into winning concepts?

Written by  David Goudge