Five Agile Techniques to Accelerate Your Innovation Without Sacrificing Rigour

2 Oct 2017

Why do so many true market breakthroughs come from small businesses?

  • Partly because they’re more iconoclastic about category rules
  • Partly because they are more willing to experiment
  • Partly because they don’t have big business’s attitude to risk eradication
  • Partly because they have fewer processes to slow them down
  • Partly because they tend to launch fast … and worry about optimising their ideas later on!

In summary, because they are a lot more Agile!

Five Agile Innovation Techniques that will help you stimulate experimentation, boost collaboration & accelerate delivery

.. without sacrificing rigour

Behaviour 1: Be More Iconoclastic.

Gathering insights into how the market you intend to innovate works is sensible. But there’s a danger that the act of codifying the “rules” makes you more likely to play by them!

Our REWIND & REFRAME incubators are designed to revisit everything you’ve learned & re-craft it as inspiring start-points for creative thinking.


Behaviour 2: Experiment More.

Never assume there’s a single answer. There are many ways of solving every consumer challenge. The trick is to spot the most promising!

Our THINKSHOP insight-driven idea-generators are designed to stretch the team’s creativity and generate lots of starter-ideas against every challenge


Behaviour 3: Embrace Risk.

We aren’t suggesting you start taking crazy risks, just stop trying to eradicate all risk!

Our CONSUMER CO-CREATORS use the combined brain-power of client-experts and super-consumers to thoroughly interrogate every idea – improving the strongest and reworking weaker ones – to make every idea as good as it can possibly be


Behaviour 4: Accelerate your Processes.

Don’t try to skip Stage-Gates, just pass through them more quickly!

Our RAPID RECYCLING techniques are designed to really focus your team’s attention on the challenge in hand – and by using an Optimised Fast-Track approach, make the maximum progress in the shortest time – without sacrificing rigour


Behaviour 5: Prepare to Iterate.

Fortune favours the fleet of foot. Rather than waiting until everything is 100% perfect, test your concepts as early as you can, aim to be one of the first into the market & then keep improving your offering to stay ahead of your competition!

ONLINE CONCEPT-SCREENING tools can make this happen for a fraction of the cost & time taken by more conventional solutions.


Discover Agile

Speed to market and agility have become key mantras for the leading innovators

The highly-experienced Brand Development team can help you deliver huge increases in innovation agility and efficiency – without sacrificing consumer insight, creativity or best practices

Our planning and creative teams are on standby to help you apply these techniques to your own challenges …

If you’d like to know more about our thinking on agile innovation, or you have a pressing concept optimisation challenge – why not get in touch to find out how we can help you generate cool ideas and winning concepts?

Written by  David Goudge