Compelling claims add consumer-value: Get your brand super-fit!

9 Oct 2017

Consumers love brands, but sometimes a ‘positive emotional bond’ just isn’t enough.

When you’re faced with aggressive competitors who are happy to use price to attack you, or the economy forces consumers to start cutting back, even the strongest brands need compelling justifications of their added-value.

You need to get your brand super-fit!

Here we share just a few brilliant, best-practice examples of how brands can reinforce their added-value and justify continued purchase, even when times are tough …

1: Make money no object

Help consumers understand that some things in life are too precious for the sake of saving pennies.

L’Oreals – ‘because you’re worth it’ is the epitome of this strategy, as is J&Js ‘No More Tears’ promise.

2: Change the unit of measure

Change consumers’ focus from the price of each unit – to the cost per use.

Fairy washing up liquid has long promised consumers that it costs less per use – remembers those lines of plates?  Each pack still features the claim ‘lasts 50% longer than the next best selling brand.’

3: Emphasise the longevity

Focus consumers on how long your product lasts

Comfort offers ‘14 days of freshness, and fabulous softness from just one cap.’ And Lenor Unstoppables offers ‘12 weeks of boosted freshness.’

4: Be bold

Use price to demonstrate quality and superiority

‘Reassuringly expensive’ claimed Stella.  Waitrose proudly declared ‘Everyone deserves quality food.’

5: Change the reference set

Benchmark against more expensive options

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour claims ‘Salon quality hair colour has found a new home. Yours.’

6: Enhance worth 

Drive the value perception with the language you use.

Patek Philippe confidently state that ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe.  You merely care for it until the time comes for you to hand it on to the next generation.’

7: Trade off calculations

Offset the price with savings elsewhere.

Persil promises ‘Unbeatable results even in 30 minutes’ so consumers can save time and money.

8: Minimise risk

Offer a money back guarantee

Listerine and Finish both offer money back guarantees if consumers are not completely satisfied.

Generate compelling claims …

Compelling claims can be the key to continued brand success – in the face of both price-driven competitors and economic challenges!

So how can your brand use consumer communication to reframe value perceptions?

We’ve already delivered a number of highly successful workshop and brand-fitness programmes for high profile brands like Heinz and Mars.  We’d love to share our learnings and see if we can help you add-value by getting your own brands super-fit

If you would like us to put our heads together and come up with the perfect solution for you – give us a shout.

Written by  David Goudge