Four ways to reduce your brand’s plastics footprint!

15 May 2018

The tide is turning against single-use plastic.

  • Brands that fail to act will be rejected by consumers.
  • Those that find solutions fast will be seen as heroes!

Taking action to reduce your brand’s plastics footprint can feel like a big task, so we’ve broken it down into a series of practical options: Replace, re-use, return or reframe.

If you sit and wait for your packaging team to take action for you, you could be missing out on huge opportunities to build your brand’s reputation.

We think it’s going to need a bit of lateral thinking to find the right approach, deliver the solution fast – and work out how to maximise the positive impact on your brand.  That’s why we’re keen to help.

If you would like to investigate these, or other options, to reduce your brand’s environmental impact in a Creative Workshop or in Co-creation with consumers – let us know NOW!

Written by  David Goudge