Trend # 5: Conspicuous Eco-Action

24 Feb 2020

As 2020 dawned, we made our #9 Top Trend Predictions for the year ahead.

Prediction #5 was Conspicuous Eco-Action.

In the research groups we’ve conducted recently, whether they are for babyfood, soft drinks or other FMCG goods, we are seeing a consistent pattern.

When asked about priorities, concerns and worries, the environment and sustainability are frequently seldom front-of-mind for consumers.  However, we are seeing a trend towards consumers focusing on single, manageable issues.

Plastic is the biggest topic of conversation around grocery brands, despite ‘sustainability’ being very low on their priority lists.

Consumers want brands to do the hard work for them and will vote with their feet if brands and retailers are not seen to be ditching unnecessary plastic.  Eco-consumption may become less about the status of ‘opting in’, and more about the guilt of ‘opting out’.

So it’s very exciting to see some of the leading, global food businesses, including Danone, integrating their sustainability targets into their financial reporting

Implication: Reduce plastic, and other environmental pollutants, and make sure this reduction is highly-visible to the consumer and those around them.

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Written by  David Goudge