Ecology and Gastronomy in Harmony: That’s Innovation

Ecology and Gastronomy in Harmony:  That’s Innovation

Having just read an article in November's Time Magazine highlighting the plight of the tuna, it is great to have noticed an article in a back issue of The Economist that pick up on th pioneering work of Sean Dimm of the company Sea to Table.

Sean's company is working with fishermen in the caribbean who practise sustainable fishing practisess.  They are catching Red Lionfish (a native of the wester Pacific) that have strayed into caribbean waters and are disrupting the local ecology because of their voracious appetite.

Instead of just paying a bounty to capture and destroy the unwanted predator, he has set up links with gourmet restaurants in the US who have discover it to be quite a delicacy – creating a demand and therefore healthy demand for the pest.

Find a use and create a demand that adds to the value of something you've already got!As the rather brilliant Economist article says: Eat for The Ecosystem.  True innovation.