Rapid Recycling: Delivering 3 Months Innovation in 5 Days

Rapid Recycling: Delivering 3 Months Innovation in 5 Days

The recession has left lots of companies running from behind.

Lower levels of investment in innovation have resulted in relatively empty development pipelines and a desperate need to accelerate the whole process.

To help them catch up, Brand Development has created a new innovation process based on Rapid Recycling that will help you deliver up to 3 months of insight, ideation, or positioning development in just 5 days …

The programme can be used at the innovation strategy, unlocking insights, creative idea generation, positioning, or brand building stages of the innovation funnel.

It can be run as a 5 day sequential workshop, or spread out over 2 – 3 weeks.  However it is executed, it has an extraordinary ability to generate breakthrough thinking and turn talented groups of individuals into committed and successful teams.

The intensive programme requires total focus from the client and consultancy team, but delivers actionable outputs extraordinarily fast.

Have a look at the feature on the Brand Development website for more details.