Consumers Lie …

Consumers Lie …

What consumers say in market research … and subsequently go on to do in the real-world seldom seem to be the same

It would be easy to assume that consumers deliberately lie, but it's not as simple as this.  

We've frequently come across examples of consumers embroidering, mis-remembering or simply mis-attributing their motivations for taking specific actions

We recognise the absolute imperitive of getting at the truth.

If you are undertaking an innovation programme where you will invest thousands, or even millions of pounds / dollars you need certainty!

We increasingly use non-confrontational interrogation techniques where we use disruptive storytelling / interrogation; in-home safaris where we can actually observe behaviours themselves; … and on-line, adcept-based concept evaluation incorporating eye-tracking & integrated motivational analysis techniques – to get past the subterfuge and reveal the true motivations behind complex and contradictory consumer behaviours.

It may sound a touch like "Lie to Me", but the extra clarity is well worth it.