Incubation as a technique to accelerate innovation

Incubation as a technique to accelerate innovation

We are huge believers in the power of Collaborative Team Incubators to accelerate the innovation process and deliver actionable results fast.  As a result, we use them a lot.

They will never replace a full on-creative workshop, but then nor should they.

Incubators are great for turning insights into actionable platforms, building starter ideas into powerful structured concepts, for addressing process roadblocks, even for exploring strategy options and turning them into compelling brand plans.

The power of Incubators is their collaborative character.  Virtually every "classic meeting" inevitably turns into an opportunity to debate, a chance to demonstrate knowledge and cleverness, an opportunity for one party to prevail – that why classic meetings are not a brilliant way to progress innovation projects!

Incubators use a workshop framework to turn small teams into an unbeatable, collaborative creative force.  They encourage team members to explore a number of options and then set up experiments to see which is the most likely to succeed.

By using external creative catalysts, expert witnesses, even consumers – the disruptive and creative ability of the team is magnified many-fold.

Building in super-consumer feedback – whether in the form of co-creation sessions, micro-groups or even overnight-quant research dramatically increases the power of the experimental approach and allows teams to accomplish many weeks of innovation progress in just a few days.

What better way could there be to clear innovation roadblocks or get ahead of the curve?