Co-Creating Brilliant Innovation Concepts That Really Connect …

Co-Creating Brilliant Innovation Concepts That Really Connect …


Creating concepts that connect with consumers, bring
thinking to life and win in research can be a real challenge…

  • You need to connect to an unmet consumer need
  • You need to work out which attribute or RTB
    maximises differentiation
  • You need to identify the benefits & claims that maximise appeal
  • Then you need to create an idea that engages …
    and copy that flows
  • Finally, you need to tick all the boxes that
    differentiate a good concept-research score from a great one!

Our high-intensity, Concept Co-Creation Incubators bring
together: Consultants, Planners, Creative Catalysts, Copy-Crafters, Category Experts,
Super-Consumers & Clients … to unlock the potential of your ideas, maximise their consumer connection, bring their stories to life and craft
the ultimate concept … all in the space of just two-days!

By putting Super-Consumers at the heart of the process, our high-intensity, concept co-creation
incubators will give your ideas an unfair advantage:

  • Experienced Planners help you make
    sure your insights really connect with consumers unmet or unsatisfied
  • Creative Catalysts ensure you've identifying all the potentially relevant reasons-to-believe
  • Copy-Crafters will work with super-consumers to co-create motivating copy and compelling claims
  • Visual Creatives will ensure every element is working hard for you
  • Then finally, our consultancy team will optimise the concepts to ensures they perform brilliantly against key quant-research performance-metrics

Nothing is left to chance!  

Give us a call and find out how we can help give your concepts an edge.