We’re In Love With Online Concept Incubation

We’re In Love With Online Concept Incubation

One of the biggest challenges we face as innovation consultants – is to help our clients bring their new product ideas to life as relevant, motivating and differentiating consumer-facing concepts that really connect with their target audience … and consequently achieve brilliant scores in quant research!

We've huge advocates of Incubator Workshops as a way of doing this.

Whilst we still find both Mini-Group based Rapid Recyling and Face-to-Face Consumer Co-Creation to be really effective – in the last year we've added Online Concept Incubation to our creative tool-box with stunning results.

The huge advantage of Online Incubation is that you can run simultaneous panels with multiple cells in multiple markets – all at the same time.  

We've used Multi-Stage Online Incubation programmes to simultaneously filter new product ideas and evolve them into powerful & motivating concepts in markets as diverse as the UK, USA, Italy, Russia and even Korea!

Isn't it time to find out whether Rapid Recycling, Co-Creation or Online Incubation could help you turn your breakthrough ideas into brilliant concepts?