Happy single awareness day!

14 Feb 2014

If you’re single and getting a bit sick of all this Valentine’s schmaltz, you might enjoy these examples we found.

Why not treat yourself to the new range of soaps and bath bombs from Lush, who have also jumped on the Valentines Day bandwagon, and have a night in and catch up on your favourite TV series with your best friends Ben & Jerry, 2 pots for £6 at Asda.

There’s no need to completely avoid social media. Evian took a different route this year to elude the usual clichés by creating a fun Twitter campaign encouraging consumers to complete the phrase ‘I love you like’, some of their favourites are “I love you like The Spice Girls love to zig-a-zig-ah” and “I love you like keys love hiding”. This corresponds to the fun and playful nature of Evian’s ‘Live Young’ values.

If you don’t want to stay in tonight, how about going down to Pizza Express, where they are hosting Valentines Day pizza making parties to bring together singletons, oh how cheesy. Single in the city? Time Out London suggests trying ‘Dating in the Dark’. It’s speed dating quite literally in the dark, and after a 2-course meal, which is conveniently planned out in the form of finger food, the lights are turned on and your date is revealed.

Finally on a slightly humorous note, we leave you with this article by Marketing Week with the good, the bad and the bizarre of Valentine’s Day marketing.

Written by  David Goudge