Colour me creative

14 Jan 2016

We’re always on the look-out for fresh, new creativity tools.

Adult colouring books were one of the biggest publishing trend of 2015, with hundreds of new books published and millions sold. The books are an entirely new publishing genre, where artists use art therapy techniques to create works that help adults relax and open their minds.

The books aim to help adults living and working in high-stress environments reduce their stress-levels by providing a distraction and creative outlet. Armed with a rainbow of pencils and books stuffed full of stunningly intricate designs, like those of the incredibly talented Johanna Basford, adults can colour their way to something close to a state of meditation, allowing them to empty their minds of the day-to-day to-do list.

We wonder if this trend could be used in innovation to create an environment for creativity too? The old adage is that we have our best ideas in the shower and there is a kernel of truth in the idea that you can have your best ideas when you let your mind free-wheel whilst occupied with a relaxing and familiar task.

Maybe revisiting our childhoods and getting out the crayons could become a key innovation tool?


Written by  David Goudge