Oh, how very Pinteresting…

29 Jan 2016

If you personally don’t have a crystal ball, don’t despair.  It could just be time to turn to Pinterest as a predictive tool.

Pinterest knows what consumers like…

In fact, thanks to its impressive bank of user-generated data, Pinterest often knows what consumers like before they even know it themselves.  They can also help you predict what they are going to do about it!

Whilst member data from sites like Amazon can show what consumers are searching for right now, Pinterest’s unique role as a place where we pin our aspirations and personal targets means that it holds the key to finding out what individual consumers are projecting for themselves. We can see who is lusting after their dream house, desperate to buy a dog, working towards a six-pack, dreaming of a beach wedding or pinning baby clothes in preparation for a new arrival. What a fantastic resource of information in order to thoroughly understand each and every consumer!

What an incredible tool for tracking how tastes change, almost as soon as they do it!

The potential for gathering insight is huge. Using Pinterest’s bank of information, brands could develop campaigns that better meet consumer needs – creating a well-crafted personal appeal, rather than a blanket message, in order to connect directly with their target audience one by one. These personal approaches would have the potential to build strong relationships between consumers and brands that last and last.

Pinterest itself tailors members’ feeds in order to offer personalised edits of pins the consumer will like, based on the information the site collects on individual users. The network is constantly tweaking and updating its offering, recently moving into ‘buyable pins’, a natural progression for the site which closes the gap between window shopping and actually getting the credit card out. As with recommended pins, tailored selections of buyable pins will provide a uniquely bespoke experience for each member and will provide further, more detailed insight on what people actually buy, rather than just pin for the future.

It will be fascinating to see what further insight we will receive about consumer needs and desires as the site continues to evolve.

More exciting, will be to see how future-focused marketers start tapping into Pinterest as a ‘predictive’ inspiration tool.



Written by  David Goudge