Innovation and the Plastics Pact

2 May 2018

Are your products packed in petro-chemical based plastics?

If so, have you considered the implications of the ‘plastics pledge’ yet?

Blue Planet II has forced the problem of ocean pollution and lack of biodegradability into the mainstream

25% of UK consumers are now ‘extremely concerned’ about plastic packaging in grocery with 21% going even further and calling for food, drink, household and beauty brands to opt-out of petro-chemical plastics entirely!

Regardless of your category non-biodegradable plastics are becoming bad news fast!

So, how are you going to react?

We’ve taken a look at some of the emerging tech-solutions in bioplastics and what we’ve discovered is frankly astonishing.

We’ve also uncovered some seriously inspiring examples of how brands are starting to use eco-friendly materials to innovate, differentiate and build compelling added-value storytelling – that we though you might find valuable.  Check them out here!

Then give us a call, because we can help turn this challenge into an opportunity by unlocking insights, strategy, ideation and helping you create compelling innovation concepts!

Written by  David Goudge